Newest Sensation – Slimmest Connections – Re-usable

Easilocks Easi-iTips Hair Extension system delivers outstanding results giving you instant length and volume at an affordable price.  Would you like to find out more information about Easilocks Easi-iTips Hair Extensions while in Dublin?

We use a lock bead system no bonds, no glue, no sewing, which means no damage to your natural hair. Our hair is reusable after 3 months which means it can be reapplied for half the original cost for a further 3 months which is exceptional value (6 months in total).

The easi-itip human hair extensions are applied using a mini copper lock bead which attaches the extensions to your own natural hair pain free and easy giving you instant length and volume . Get the celebrity look and finish in under 2 hours.

Book your FREE consultation today. Easilocks is the best kept secret in Hollywood with many A-listers favouring this organic alternative to enhance their natural hair. Easilocks uses only the finest human hair and unlike bonded systems {glue} our I -tip and lock application process ensures  damage free hair.

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